Now Who Do We Blame? (Paperback)

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""My cartoons are my best appraisal of a situation presented in the funniest or most compelling way I can. Read my cartoons. What I have to say is in them.""-Tom Toles

It's been a decade since political cartoonist Tom Toles collected his panels in book form. He's had a busy decade and plenty of time to further sharpen both his wit, commentary, and pen. NOW Who Do We Blame? presents an editorial master at the top of his game, in all of his whimsical, sometimes scathing, and always insightful glory.

Toles, editorial cartoonist for the Washington Post, includes his favorite frames from the past. His subjects include the 9/11 Commission, the 2004 presidential election, terrorism, the Middle East conflict, Yasser Arafat, Afghanistan, Iraq, and of course George W. Bush. The collection title, in fact, comes from a panel showing Bush at his desk, covered with miniatures of the GOP White House, GOP Senate, GOP House, and GOP Supreme Court. ""Now who do we blame?"" asks the puzzled Commander in Chief.

Such is the humor, satire, and intelligence of one of the most accomplished and widely read political cartoonists working today. Toles, who draws himself as the artist working in the lower right corner of his panels, takes on every issue and every powerbroker that crosses the national screen.

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ISBN: 9780740755583
ISBN-10: 0740755587
Publisher: Andrews McMeel Publishing
Publication Date: October 1st, 2005
Pages: 143
Language: English