Crochet For Absolute Beginners: The Complete & Ultimate Guide To Easily Learn The Art Of Crochet. Includes Pictures & Simple Patterns To Start Creatin (Paperback)

Crochet For Absolute Beginners: The Complete & Ultimate Guide To Easily Learn The Art Of Crochet. Includes Pictures & Simple Patterns To Start Creatin Cover Image
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If you are reading this, it means that the fascinating art of crochet aroused your curiosity, right?
More and more people have decided to devote themselves to this technique that represents the trend of the moment: we don't talk about the pastime of grandmothers, but the favorite hobby of many famous people
For this reason, this guide starts from the beginning, with a part of the book dedicated to the history of crochet and its evolutions, to focus better on the context in which the technique is placed. It will continue with describing the essential points, the decorations you can make, and different projects to vent your imagination.
Inside, you will find everything you need to understand, with a smooth and straightforward language in what this technique consists of. You will learn how to hold crochet, what kind of yarn to use, but not only that; you'll find lots of tips dedicated to those who first appear in the world of crochet.
The instructions will be handy to you to avoid a series of mistakes you typically run, especially to make the job more enjoyable and delightful. So, don't worry, we can all learn, and this one of those cases was to create something just yours, you'll need only two things, a crochet hook and a ball of wool.
In this book, you will discover:

- History of Crochet. Here you will discover where the fascinating art of crochet was born, from those who used it hundreds of years ago, the principal materials and decorations.
- The Basics. Once you have learned the basic techniques, consisting of short and smooth passages, you need a combination of a few stitches to create everything you want.
- Tips for beginners. You will find lots of information on the best crochet hooks, on how to give life to a disused sweater, the tension used on crochet during work, and much more.
- Tools and materials. As you're a beginner, you'll probably wonder which fabric is the best, the easiest to work with, or the most suitable crochet for you.
- So many different projects. At the end of the book, you can indulge yourself with the tasks you prefer: puppets, scarves, placemats made with a few stitches; you won't be asked for professional skills.
- ... & Much More

The guide will dispel any doubt, giving you the best advice on the types of yarn on the market, how to save, what to choose for each project.
At this point, even if you have never touched crochet, it will take you very little time to learn the basics and give life to your handmade projects.
If you also think you can be discouraged in the middle of the work, remember that you will not run this risk; advice will allow you to avoid mistakes even before committing them.

If you are looking for a manual on crochet for beginners, what are you waiting for?
Order Your Copy NOW And Start Immediately To Crochet Your First Project

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